Business Coaching

Our business growth track addresses big picture issues such as strategy, vision, and organizational development. It’s about organizations and their people. Specially designed for business and organizational leaders, as well as entrepreneurs, we cover issues like:

  • Smart planning for profitability and sustainability
  • Organizational and leadership effectiveness
  • Sales planning, forecasting, and enhancement
  • Change management and staff development
  • Communication during a period of growth
  • Developing a culture and shared values

Areas of Expertise

Nonprofit Assessment

There are times when an outside expert is needed. That expertise only comes with experience and a heart for the best for all. Nonprofits have a special place in our world – serving our communities and filling a need that otherwise might go unmet.  As a nonprofit, there are requirements that are not necessary in other realms. The leadership abilities of the executive director, the effectiveness of the board, and the collaborative efforts of these parts are critical for the health of the overall organization.

We have experience and expertise in supporting the growth and effectiveness of these organizations. We assess the elements of the nonprofit and its leadership to gain invaluable insight for the executive director and the Board of Directors to make the necessary changes to the organization to most effectively serve our communities and the targeted population.

Conflict Resolution

We get people problems. We know there is seldom a single solution to a problem. Conflict resolution, unfortunately, is a byproduct of people in business.

People + Communication = Potential Conflict  

Conflict resolution is about supporting and training the communication skills and abilities that will enable differing personalities to actually see differences as a strength.  Having all sides respectfully heard, challenging ineffective practices, and enabling and training empowering skills is what sets Four Winds Counseling & Coaching apart.  We actually believe that people can ‘get along’ if given the right skills, practice and insight.