Coaching Workshops

At Four Wind Counseling & Coaching, we understand that human development requires more than the latest motivational buzz-word or performance plans. Effective and long-lasting solutions can be accelerated by commitment and partnership – there are no shortcuts or magic bullets. Personal and team growth requires awareness, knowledge, intention and focus (and an element of fun!). Those are the cornerstones of our professional coaching workshops and training programs.

Workshops and Training

Leadership Essentials – Fast-Track to Effectiveness

An organization’s best leaders often rise through the ranks. While they typically bring good technical skills and institutional knowledge to the position, sometimes they’re not prepared for the leadership requirements that come with a promotion.

Our six-month individual executive coaching program is designed for new leaders and managers who can benefit from accelerated, high impact leadership training.

EquiPointe™ Workshops

Our EquiPointe workshops are unlike any other leadership and communication enhancement sessions you have ever attended…because your team includes horses!  Our well trained and highly intuitive horses are facilitators and agents-of-change, representing the variety of people and situations you confront every day in business and life. The EquiPointe™ approach will take you away from the comfort level of a typical business environment and force you to discover new communication and leadership skills that will lead to a higher level of interpersonal and team engagement.

No previous experience with horses is required and safe horse practices are reviewed with all participants. No riding is involved. To learn more about this approach, please see COACHING SERVICES.

Customized workshops are designed for the individual and team strengths of the client. These equine-assisted, sessions will unlock your communication and leadership skills as you tap into new areas and levels of interpersonal engagement.

Examples of trainings that are available for your professional needs are:

  • Women in Leadership

Awareness, Courage and Commitment • Three Keys to Empowerment in the Workplace

  • Supercharge Your Leadership

Get Real and Get Aware with Emotional Intelligence

  • The Communication Advantage

Connection for Work & Life


Our proven and highly effective equine facilitated workshops cut through issues that typically do not reveal themselves in a traditional training environment. Teams experience new levels of collaboration, communication and trust!