Workshops & Groups

In work and life, achieving our full potential or just getting past barriers cannot always be an inner-directed activity, but is often best facilitated in a group environment. Four Winds Counseling & Coaching starts with your areas of strength and builds from there. We develop programs that reflect a client’s desired outcomes and give you the tools to move forward in your strengths.

Four Winds Counseling & Coaching has two distinct group programs:

  • Our Coaching Workshops are designed for professional enhancement and team development focusing on collaboration, communication and leadership.
  • Our Counseling Groups are intended to develop the personal skills and insights needed to move forward on your path. They may work independent of individual therapy or in conjunction with an established plan.

Much of our work at Four Winds Counseling & Coaching is related to Peripheral vision – being not only aware of our own surroundings, but also what waits in the distance. This translates into expanding our horizons, overcoming our fears with intent, and shifting from a reactive way of approaching life to an empowered one.