Our VisionEmpowering People to Grow

We believe that you already know you’re ready for change, and we partner with you to shed light on your strengths, and discover strategies that lead you on a path to more…more awareness…more engagement…more opportunities…more of life!  Our approach, experience and methods lead to insight, breakthroughs and positive change so you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

“I would highly recommend Beth to any individual or company looking for an innovative approach to activate new ways to learn and grow as an individual or team. She loves people and yes, horses. The combination of the two led to a truly rewarding and insightful experience for me. Who would have thought a horse could teach a human so much about teamwork or communication.” 
– K.R.

Our MissionEmbrace Growth, Innovation and Change

Four Winds Counseling and Coaching has a spectrum of services for personal and professional development. Counseling and Coaching require two distinct approaches. Four Winds Coaching services include: Executive Coaching, Business Coaching and EquiPointe™—a non-riding, experiential coaching method involving human to horse interaction. Four Winds Counseling offers professional mental health services in both a traditional in-office setting and an engaging and effective equine-assisted approach facilitating the therapeutic process.

Four Winds Counseling & Coaching both offer individual and group sessions to help you reach goals that will propel your life and facilitate change.

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The DetailsSee how we accomplish our goals.

Our two distinct services – Coaching and Counseling – are as unique as you are. We tailor our service to your needs whether you are pursuing professional effectiveness or personal and meaningful change.

  • 1: Coaching

    Four Winds Coaching empowers executives, organizational leaders and teams that want to reach new levels in their professional and personal lives. Four Winds Coaching is here to support your efforts to move purposefully to the next level!

  • 2: Counseling

    Four Winds Counseling stretches the confines of a clinical office environment by incorporating horses and nature into the process. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is a proven therapeutic approach that supports clients in re-connecting to their strengths and needs while identifying lasting solutions.

  • 3: Workshops and Groups

    A cornerstone of personal and professional growth involves learning more about yourself while in the process of engaging with others. Incorporating horses into our group therapy and workshops and is what sets us apart.

What Makes Us Different

Our approach is simple. Challenge and empower clients to reach outside their current reality and transform their work and life. It is this “outside the box” core value that has led to a distinct offering that marries the more traditional methods of coaching and counseling to the powerful, innovative and effective equine assisted approach incorporating horses into the facilitation process.

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