About Us

Four Winds Counseling & Coaching began our pursuit of supporting personal and professional growth in 2010. Wanting the best for our clients is the backbone of our work and the reason we exist. Our approach is simple. Support and challenge our clients to reach outside of their norm, find new perspectives, and transform their journey.

It is this same “outside the box” vision and mentality that has become a core value for Four Winds Counseling & Coaching. We aspire to look outside the usual lens we use and engage all our senses to see a path forward. This has led to a distinct offering that marries the more traditional methods of counseling and coaching to the innovative and effective equine-assisted approach incorporating horses into the process, leading clients to meaningful and sustainable solutions. It is the hallmark program of Four Winds Counseling & Coaching and is truly life-changing!

Our Mission

Our counseling approach, at its core, is a fundamental belief that people have inherent value and deserve to be respected, trusted, and heard. People know change is needed; they also need to be listened to and provided insight to add to their own awareness. We all have blind spots – that’s life – but we need partners for the journey! Understanding the human need for connection, and the desire to be understood, is an essential piece needed for lasting change. Our therapists understand that.

Our coaching approach for individuals and organizational teams is backed by twenty years of experience in executive leadership, team management, and effective communication. We have supported leaders at several levels in developing action plans enhancing their effectiveness and helping them reconnect with their passions and strengths. Our team has partnered with business professionals to track their course, discover their potential, and reach new levels of possibility.

Meet Our Team

Beth Kuchenreuther

Founder - Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) - EAGALA Certified

Beth Kuchenreuther has been providing support to individuals, families, and groups since 2010. With a Master's in Psychology and a BA in Education, she is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in Washington State, and a certified professional coach. Beth's inspiration is twofold – a love for people and a love of horses – leading her to certification in Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy from Eagala (Equine Growth and Learning Association).

When in a therapeutic environment, Beth specializes in working with anxiety, trauma, grief/loss, and life transitions, and has experienced the significant impact and healing growth that can occur. Beth supports leaders and teams by reconnecting to their passions and strength, and works with professionals and groups pursuing professional development and team building with horses.

Beth approaches her work with openness, connection, and a true desire to support others, allowing her clients to experience a unique and highly effective path to meaningful change.

Kathleen Hittner-McConahy

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) - EAGALA Certified

Kathleen is an experienced Marriage and Family Therapist who has a passion for providing a nonjudgmental and safe space for all individuals.  Kathleen’s education and professional background have provided her with a deep understanding of the importance of flexibility and adaptability in healing. She believes in a collaborative approach to working with others and in the importance of gaining an understanding of one’s emotional history and helping to align behaviors with values.

Trained in family systems, Kathleen utilizes a variety of treatment approaches and is also certified in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Kathleen has a bachelor's degree in psychology followed by a master’s degree in counseling psychology which she received from Holy Names University. Kathleen has worked in a variety of settings in her diverse and expansive professional career. Kathleen strives to be a lifelong learner and believes in the importance of self-care.