About Four Winds Counseling & Coaching

Four Winds Counseling & Coaching began our pursuit of supporting professional growth and personal change in 2011. Our approach is simple. Challenge and empower clients to reach outside their current reality and transform their work and life. It is this “outside the box” core value that has led to a distinct offering that marries the more traditional methods of coaching and counseling to the powerful, innovative and effective equine assisted approach incorporating horses into the facilitation process. Clients have embraced change by dealing with obstacles that stand in the way of their goals leading them to new levels of trust and meaningful solutions.

Our coaching approach is backed by twenty years of experience in executive leadership, team management, and sales development. We have supported leaders at several levels in developing personalized action plans, enhancing their effectiveness, and helping them reconnect with their passions and strengths. Our team has partnered with business professionals to track their course, discover their potential, and reach new levels of possibility.

About Beth Kuchenreuther

Beth Kuchenreuther

As founder of Four Winds Counseling & Coaching, Beth Kuchenreuther seeks to energize clients and guide them toward greater self-awareness and realization of their fullest potential. Highly committed to human learning and development, she engages clients with fresh perspectives, humor, and a voice of experience.

After earning a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a BA in Education, Beth was formally trained as a professional coach, and is a licensed LMHC in WA State. With a love for people and change, she has an approach that is positive, practical, and client-centered. Her specializations include workplace issues, challenges with stress/anxiety, ADHD, and working with teens and trauma.

Beth has been certified as an EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) trained specialist (Level I and II) since 2010, and holds both Mental Health and Equine Specialist certifications. Her love for people and horses combine allowing for a healing and effective path forward.

“Like four winds coming together at a center point, my desire is to help others find their own balance, rediscover their strengths and purpose, and move to a place of confidence and conviction.”