Why Counseling?

Life is not meant to be experienced alone. We need the feedback and insight from others to navigate change and challenges that get in our way. This is why counseling is such an important means for helping us overcome the obstacles that life often puts in front of us. By seeing problems with a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective, counseling lets us take on life with wisdom and intention, providing an invaluable voice of understanding and clarity to help us move forward.

Our Approach

At Four Winds Counseling & Coaching, we aim to help our clients build a distinct path forward, knowing that every client, situation, and plan is unique. We support our clients in the environment – in-office or equine-assisted and nature-based therapy – that best suit their needs, offering the partnership you are looking for with two distinct services for individuals, families, teams, and groups. Our counseling services include experience and specializations in trauma, anxiety, relationships, and life transitions.

In-Office Therapy

Our in-office therapy services are in a more traditional office environment – comfortable, open, and relaxed. Clients are welcomed to a warm and safe space ideal for sharing, story-work, and creative endeavors utilizing experiential approaches such as art therapy, narrative work, and communication skills. This setting is well suited for counseling services engaging couples, or coaching services for executives and conflict situations.

Equine Assisted & Nature-Based Therapy

Our brains thrive in nature! The nature-based environment allows nature and horses to provide the groundedness needed at times in our life.  This can be especially useful when a mindful approach or story-work is needed when experiencing anxiety and past trauma. Our equine-assisted therapy and coaching takes place in a nature-based environment with the facilitation team involving horses – a non-riding, experiential approach involving human and horse interaction.

Group Therapy

Counseling can be enhanced and deepened by group work for all ages. Children’s groups can allow for communication and interpersonal skill development; teens and adults are well suited for group work in the processing of issues and circumstances that are typical of the age, need and other commonalities of the group; and families are offered a different lens to build common goals and connection.

At Four Winds Counseling our group therapy services involve the outdoors, horses and nature. We use an equine-assisted therapy model that involves the participants and engages at a different level typical ‘in-office’ group therapy. Trauma-informed teen group and Horsin’ Around children’s group are groups that are especially well-served by the Equine-assisted and nature-based approach.

Our counseling and coaching service has incorporated horses since the practice began in 2010. A certified and professional staff allows for effective engagement and breakthrough leading to the positive change you want.


Our program offers half-day, full-day and multi-day workshops and retreats that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.


We understand that life is complex and ever-changing, that’s why we are here to guide and support you as you strive for growth and success.


Our proven method can be applied to all teams and groups and customized for the needs of the group, the type of organization and outcomes desired.